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Tomato Seedlings

Tomato Seedlings

Caring for tomato seedlings can be a tricky business and a bit of a balancing act! They need to be kept warm – but not too warm or they’ll become leggy. They need moisture in their soil – but not too much or they’ll become leggy They need light and plenty of it – but too much hot direct sunlight or they will become stressed. The three requirements of temperature, soil moisture and light need to be right to get

Over-Feeding Tomato Plants

Over-feeding is one of the easiest mistakes to make when growing tomatoes. We want them to grow as fast as possible but sometimes kill them with kindness – or we make life more difficult for them! Tomato food (mineral salts) can build-up and crystallize in the soil causing root burn. An overdose of mineral salts can send a plant into stress which is often displayed by leaf curl on the upper part of a tomato plant. Having the correct balance

Tomato Pots and Potting-On

How Many Pots Do I Need? I was recently asked why it is necessary to use several pot sizes when growing tomatoes from seed – why not just plant the seeds directly into the ground? Here are some reasons why it is best to plant into small pots then increase the pot size as the plants grow. Roots Encourage Plant Growth When plant roots reach the side of their pot,┬áthe plant┬ádevelops more quickly. This has the advantage of earlier flowering,

Tomato Blight Treatment

Tomato blight, also referred to as potato blight, is a fungal condition which is the result of wet, damp weather and mostly affects tomato plants growing outside. Even so, greenhouses that are inadequately aerated can also be a reason for the appearance of blight, on account of high humidity and condensation. Tomato Blight Treatment Plan If blight has infected quite a few leaves the time has come to spray with Dithane 945 or apply Bordeaux Mixture. This can prevent the

Tomato Blight

My plants have been rained on for the past two days, almost non stop! However, they are under cover, albeit a temporary effort, but it will keep them from wet leaves. Wet leaves for more than a day or two, will make plants vulnerable to fungal disease … the dreaded “tomato blight” which cannot be cured – only controlled. My outside plants are all under cover of some kind … it may not look very pretty but it works. Get

Tomato Leaf Stress

We are constantly told that tomato plants need lots of sun. Then, as soon as we get a spell of really hot, sunny weather, our young tomato plants, that are still in pots, get put in the hottest part of the garden. Unfortunately for the plants, they haven’t been able to get used to this kind of heat and also, haven’t been able to develop a root system that can cope with it. The result is often leaf stress, the

How To Avoid Blossom Drop

Someone recently wrote in with a tomato problem that I’m sure many people have experienced, including me! The question was: “Last year I had plenty of flowers on my tomatoes but a lot of them withered and dropped off without producing much fruit. Where did I go wrong?” The answer is: It’s called Blossom Drop – when flowers fail to set and are aborted by their plant. This happens for a number of reasons but mainly because air humidity is

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