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Tomato Pots and Potting-On

How Many Pots Do I Need? I was recently asked why it is necessary to use several pot sizes when growing tomatoes from seed – why not just plant the seeds directly into the ground? Here are some reasons why it is best to plant into small pots then increase the pot size as the plants grow. Roots Encourage Plant Growth When plant roots reach the side of their pot,┬áthe plant┬ádevelops more quickly. This has the advantage of earlier flowering,

Tomato Plug Plants

There comes a point in the season when sowing tomato seed is no longer viable because the season , or summer, will be over before the plants are able to produce tomatoes. One option is to buy tomato plug plants or pot ready plants as they’re sometimes called. These will have been sown several weeks in advance and will be established having passed the problems of seed germination, damping off (fungal attack) and growing leggy due to low light conditions.

Growing Tomatoes in Grow Bags

Growing tomatoes in grow bags is a very convenient way to grow tomatoes – they are a mini garden in a bag and can produce an amazing yield considering their size. The problem is, they dry out too quickly so a few tips on how to optimize your grow bags may be helpful. Make slits in the top of the grow bag and plant so that the plastic can be replaced around the bottom of the plant and therefore the

How To Grow Tomatoes in Containers

If you are wondering how to grow tomatoes in containers, pots, grow bags and other planters, here’s an introduction to some of the containers available. Growing tomatoes in containers and large pots is more popular than ever. Even if you have a small garden a container in a sunny spot can produce many tasty tomatoes all summer long. Growing tomatoes in containers has a number of advantages over planting tomatoes straight into the garden soil or greenhouse border. It is

Growing Tomatoes in Large Pots

Large pots and containers have several advantages over grow bags or planting directly into the ground. They can be moved easily. Great for bush varieties. Plants can trail over the side without reaching the ground. It is more difficult for slugs to hide. It is easier to plant a support in a deep pot than a grow bag. However, there are a few disadvantages with large pots and some containers. Pots can be blown over by the wind. They can

Growing Tomatoes in Containers

Growing tomatoes in containers has a number of advantages over planting tomatoes straight into the garden soil or greenhouse border. It is easier to keep your plants disease free. You can grow tomatoes on the patio. Plants can be moved around the garden if necessary. Helps protect against ground level insects etc. Great for bush varieties that can trail over the side of a large pot. Growing tomatoes in containers is particularly suitable for bush varieties because of the height.