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Tomato Seedlings

Tomato Seedlings

Caring for tomato seedlings can be a tricky business and a bit of a balancing act! They need to be kept warm – but not too warm or they’ll become leggy. They need moisture in their soil – but not too much or they’ll become leggy They need light and plenty of it – but too much hot direct sunlight or they will become stressed. The three requirements of temperature, soil moisture and light need to be right to get

When To Sow Tomato Seeds

Knowing the best time to sow tomato seeds in your area is one of the crucial ingredients for success when it come to growing your own tomatoes. Sow too early and the plants suffer from conditions that are too cold with days are too short and light levels too low. Sow late and there may not be enough time for the tomatoes to mature and ripen before the autumn weather turns too cold to grow tomatoes. For growing outside, the

When To Sow Tomato Seed

As we approach the most exciting time of the year – for me that’s tomato sowing time – I get an incredible desire to start sowing seeds! Perhaps it’s an inbuilt thing – people having been sowing crops for thousands of years and it has become instinctive … maybe …? Anyway, wherever you live in the world, the best time to sow tomato seeds that are going to be growing outdoors is about two months before your estimated last frost

Sowing Tomato Seed

Sow a few seeds in a small pot (3.5 inch) just below surface 1/8 inch deep. Place pot in a saucer of water for a minute or two and cover with cling film. Use seed compost because it holds more moisture and is best for the fine roots of seedlings. If you wish to sow more seeds use a propagator with an enclosed lid. This keeps the humidity in the unit and helps the seedlings dicard the seed hucks. Keep