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How To Avoid Blossom Drop

Blossom Drop

Someone recently wrote in with a tomato problem that I’m sure many people have experienced, including me! The question was: “Last year I had plenty of flowers on my tomatoes but a lot of them withered and dropped off without producing much fruit. Where did I go wrong?” The answer is: It’s called Blossom Drop – when flowers fail to set and are aborted by their plant. This happens for a number of reasons but mainly because air humidity is

Tomato Problems

It is the time of the season when almost every question I receive about tomato problems is about either: Rotten patches on the underside of tomatoes. Flowers drop off of their stems. The first is Blossom End Rot which is caused by calcium deficiency. Plants roots have been unable to absorb enough calcium (for some reason) and as the tomatoes swell, there isn’t enough calcium to complete the growth of the “blossom end” which is the underside of the tomato.

How To Avoid Blossom End Rot

Blosson End Rot Tomato

Blossom End Rot (BER) is a condition caused by a lack of calcium. Calcium is used to build the fleshy wall – just inside the skin of a tomato – and when the calcium runs out, a black mark appears on the underside of a tomato leaving the fruit uneatable. I once grew a plant called yellow pear where almost every tomato was affected by BER! If you are growing tomatoes in containers, especially pots, it is extremely difficult to

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