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Tomato Plants and Cold Wet Leaves

Contrary to some opinion, tomato plants do not like rain on their leaves – especially when the weather is cold. The combination of low temperatures and wet conditions will surely cause problems such as fungal disease including tomato blight, or at the very least, lower the resistance of your plants so that they are vulnerable to many of the problems that cause poor results. So keep them indoors when it is wet during the day and don’t leave them out

Companion Plants for Tomatoes

Companion plants can be a real help to growing healthy tomato plants for a number of reasons and is one of the strategies used by those who grow organically and wish to avoid the use of any chemicals. French Marigolds help to deter whitefly in the greenhouse. Their bright strong colours attract bees and other flying insects who all help to pollinate the flowers of plants and lastly, slugs love them. I would rather the slugs had a nibble of

Tomato Growing Problems

Prevention is better than cure I regularly receive emails of help from gardeners who have a problem with their plants and don’t know how to cure or fix it. The problem is that, it is often too late to cure plants once infected with blight or other fungal disease. The best that can be done is to prevent other plants from becoming infected. Leaves are usually the first sign of trouble … they change colour or shape and can give

Blossom End Rot

This is definitely my best season for reducing blossom end rot. The watering plan has been to thoroughly soak the compost every few days and water normally in between. Of course we haven’t had many hot spells where it becomes difficult to keep the compost moist, but nevertheless, I have had only a few cases of BER and I’m growing over seventy plants. Two further points to make are, it took longer than usual for flowers to set therefore the

Tomato Blight

This is the effect of last season’s wet summer on my tomato plants. It wasn’t the cold that caused the blight, it was the rain – day after day – the leaves of plants could barely get dry between showers. However, on a dryer, happier note, it didn’t happen to my plants this season! Every outdoor plant was either under a shelter of some kind or can be moved under cover if we get prolonged periods of rain. That’s one

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