Growing Tomatoes in Grow Bags

Growing tomatoes in grow bags is a very convenient way to grow tomatoes – they are a mini garden in a bag and can produce an amazing yield considering their size.

Tomato Grow Bag and Grow Pots

The problem is, they dry out too quickly so a few tips on how to optimize your grow bags may be helpful.

  • Make slits in the top of the grow bag and plant so that the plastic can be replaced around the bottom of the plant and therefore the soil is not exposed and moisture less able to evaporate.
  • Plant the pots directly into the grow bag, then the plant roots can grow out of the bottom of the pots and into the grow bag (see below).
  • Add a few handfuls of perlite to the soil and water retaining gel, to aid aeration and water retention.
  • You will need to pierce drainage holes but make them at the ends of the bags rather than at the sides.
  • To help watering, sink a large pot (or two if you are growing three plants) in the middle which can be easily filled with water (see below).

It’s much harder for the moisture in the grow bag to evaporate when the compost is enclosed.

Using grow pots (see below) planted in grow bags is another great way to optimize a grow bag. Plants are fed around the roots area of the inner ring and watered in the outer ring.

Without a two ring system, nutrients are washed away from the surface roots every time the tomatoes are watered with plain water – this can slow plant growth.

For best results, two plants will do better than three in a grow bag because there is more room for their roots especially if growing large tomato varieties.

Overcrowding is an issue when it comes to container gardening. The problem is, I always end up with too many plants and not enough places to plant them!

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