The Advantages of Bush Tomato Varieties

The advantage of bush varieties is that they are easier to manage.

  • You do not need to remove side shoots.
  • They do not need to be tied to a tall support as they grow in height.
  • They can be placed just about anywhere on the patio or in the conservatory if grown in a large pot or container.
  • Can be grown in the smallest of spaces such as a windowsill or balconi.

Of course they don’t have to be grown in containers, but there height and trailing habit makes them ideal for trailing over the sides of a large pot, hanging basket or even growing upside down in a Topsy Turvy Planter or bucket.

Among the varieties that I would recommend would be Tumbling Tom which has a compact habit but will still produce a good size cherry tomato.

It is slow to split, comes in both red and yellow strains and is perfect for the smaller container.

Tumbler, Red Alert and Garden Pearl are also highly recommended bush, cherry varieties.

For a lot more information about growing bush varieties, visit Tomato Growing.