Tips About Caring for Small Tomato Plants

For young plants, keep them in a light position but sometimes full sun can be a little too strong for young plants mid-day.

Your plants should be in at least a 9cm pot. Use new compost and pot up to bigger pots as your plants gets taller or bushier.

Although there is enough food in new multi purpose compost to keep your plants going for a while, if you decide to feed them use a general balanced food like miracle grow – but at half the recommended strength on young plants.

  • Plant outside after the last frost in your area, but if you wait a little longer before planting outside, you’ll get better results.
  • Don’t over-water and don’t let the leaves get wet.
  • Bush varieties like Tumbling Tom do not need their side shoots removed.
  • Tall varieties like Moneymaker do need their side shoots removed, but side shoots aren’t really an issue when he plants are young.

For more tips this link should help …

Tomato Growing Tips

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