Tomato Blight Treatment

Tomato blight, also referred to as potato blight, is a fungal condition which is the result of wet, damp weather and mostly affects tomato plants growing outside.

Even so, greenhouses that are inadequately aerated can also be a reason for the appearance of blight, on account of high humidity and condensation.

Tomato Blight Treatment Plan
If blight has infected quite a few leaves the time has come to spray with Dithane 945 or apply Bordeaux Mixture. This can prevent the disease from spreading, and more to the point, from contaminating other plants, but there isn’t a complete cure for blight, it is only possible to prevent it becoming even worse.

If it has been wet locally for a sustained period of time, and you are growing tomatoes in the garden, it’s possible that your plants have blight.

The mixture of wet leaves and high humidity over a sustained period of time is nearly curtain to result in tomato blight. As a fungal disease, it can very easily get spread around from plant to plant and on fingers too, so it’s a good idea not to touch plant leaves and take the chance of spreading the disease to healthy plants.

It is usual to have some fungal infection on a small number of lower leaves whenever growing outside if you live in an region that receives a good deal of rain. Take off the contaminated leaves and leaf branches, and always keep the base of plants clear of decaying leaves. Good air circulation at soil level assists in keeping plants healthy and may avoid having to use a tomato blight treatment in the first place.

Blight Free Tomatoes
One optionĀ for avoiding blight is to sow blight free tomato seeds such as Crimson Crush, Mountain Magic and Lizzano.

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