Tomato Ebooks

With such a wealth of information on the internet today, are tomato ebooks worth the extra money?

Quite a number of tomato growing ebooks that have appeared on the internet over the past few years and as interest grows in home-grown produce, the ebooks continue to grow in number.

Juicy – Organic
Tomato growing ebooks are mostly advertised from a taste perspective “Juicy” being the most used word. This is often followed by the organic or chemical-free value of growing tomatoes successfully at home, be it on the patio, in the garden or greenhouse.

Almost all of the ebooks I’ve seen give good advice – some in more detail than others – but the main thing is that a source of information offers good value for money and not just a re-written version of the back of a seed packet!

Short or Long Seasons
Furthermore, does the ebook cover the information needed if you are growing tomatoes in different areas around the world – some very cool with short seasons and some regions that are very hot and require a more specialised approach.

Help When Needed
I guess the most important aspect of a tomato ebook is to get the would-be tomato grower off to a good start using good sound methods and help those who are more experienced who have problems with when plants become unhealthy in some way.

This is the most comprehensive tomato ebook I’ve seen. It can also be bought as a hardcover version – a real book that’s novel!

It carries a lot more detail than most other ebooks on offer with a good amount of information on tomato problems and avoiding these problems before they start. Includes a lot of pictures that are very helpful and comes with the reassurance that the writers of this ebook are very knowledgeable and know their stuff!

Most suitable for all levels of tomato growing ability although, by a small margin, the most expensive.


Rating: 5 out of 5