Tomato Growing Tips

The most important tomato growing tips are about how to avoid problems before they start, in other words, how to keep your plants healthy.

Perhaps the most important tip, when growing tomatoes outdoors, is to try and shelter them from rain.

A drop of rain on a warm day is fine and won’t do them any harm, but constant rain, especially overnight when the temperatures drop, can cause all sorts of problems.

The fact is, tomato plants do not like wet leaves and soaking wet soil, and if they experience this for more than a day or two, fungal disease is ready to strike.

The worse form of fungal disease is blight, which if gets out of hand, will destroy all of the tomato plants in the garden.

A make-shift shelter is reasonable easy to construct with plastic sheeting, string and a few garden pegs – your plants will show their gratitude by giving you a bumper harvest in return! Tomato growing tips.