Tomato Growing Tips

A few tomato growing tips and facts.

Always sterilise pots and equipment that have come into contact with soil used to grow tomato plants in previous seasons – to avoid disease.

Plants cannot be left outside overnight until after your estimated last frost date.

New compost already contains plant food for growth, so feeding is unnecessary until all the food in the compost has been used up by a plant.

N P K stands for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and are the three main ingredients (minerals) of plant food.

Sometimes, plants suffer from mineral deficiency because their roots are too cold to absorb the food they need, even though the compost they are in contains plenty of food. This happens mainly in the cold springtime.

Safety is an issue when using support canes. Attach a piece of heavy duty tape to the top of canes in order to see them more easily. Canes around three or four feet are the most dangerous … you bend down to look at your plants more closely and you could lose an eye if you don’t see the end of the cane!

It is normal to grow about four trusses on tall varieties in short season areas outdoors. In professional greenhouses many more trusses of tomatoes can be grown over a longer growing season owing to the protection of a greenhouse.