Tomato Leaf Stress

Young tomato plant.

Image via Wikipedia

We are constantly told that tomato plants need lots of sun. Then, as soon as we get a spell of really hot, sunny weather, our young tomato plants, that are still in pots, get put in the hottest part of the garden.

Unfortunately for the plants, they haven’t been able to get used to this kind of heat and also, haven’t been able to develop a root system that can cope with it.

The result is often leaf stress, the symptoms of which are cupped or curled leaves and also wilting and looking as if the leaves have become stunted – narrow and smaller than they should be, in the new growth.

Tomato plants need to acclimatise to both cold nights and hot days …. it’s tough being tomato plant!

Curled leaves alone are quite common, especially in some varieties, and need not be a sign that a plant is under stress

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