Tomato Plug Plants

There comes a point in the season when sowing tomato seed is no longer viable because the season , or summer, will be over before the plants are able to produce tomatoes.

One option is to buy tomato plug plants or pot ready plants as they’re sometimes called.

These will have been sown several weeks in advance and will be established having passed the problems of seed germination, damping off (fungal attack) and growing leggy due to low light conditions.

Tomato Plug Plants
For planting in May and June –
a great selection of varieties.

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Of course there is a greater variety of choice when starting from seed, but the varieties of plug plants available seem to be increasing in number each season, as growing tomatoes becomes more and more popular.

So, if you’ve passed the “seed sowing time”, tomato plug plants may still give you a crop of fantastic tomatoes.