Tomato Tumbling Tom – A Great Little Cherry

I’m often asked which cherry tomato variety I would recommend – the answer is Tumbling Tom, closely followed by Tumbler, Garden Pearl and Red Alert not forgeting the new variety Maskotka which did very well last season.

The qualities of Tumbling Tom Include:

  1. Seedlings will not become too leggy in low light conditions.
  2. Produces a bushy habit early.
  3. Will grow well in a hanging basket as long as it is not overcrowded.
  4. The taste is a very good balance of sugar and a little acid.
  5. Comes in both red and yellow varieties.
  6. A sturdy and compact plant that needs only a little support.
  7. Branches will not usually be pulled off of the main stem when laden with fruit.
  8. A heavy cropper.
  9. The tomatoes have a slightly longer keeping ability (shelf life) than many other cherry varieties.
  10. The seed is not as expensive as some other hybrid varieties.

These are ten good reasons for growing Tumbling Tom and I look forward to giving plenty away to friends and neighbours later in the season – if my wife and I don’t eat them first!

Here you can see just how quickly seedlings produce a bushy habit.

Here you can see just how quickly seedlings produce a bushy habit.

For best results use new compost, don’t overwater or feed before fruiting and alway try, when possible, to keep the leaves dry.

A little bit of shelter from the rain even for outdoor tomato plants is a good thing – unless the weather is very sunny and warm, then plants won’t mind their leaves temporarily wet.

Wet leaves in cold conditions overnight will lead to tomato blight – guaranteed!

One way to get off to a head start this summer is with tomato plug plants especially good if you are new to growing tomatoes or don’t have the time to grow from seed.

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